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Anyone who knows me will tell you – I’m a talker. I’ll prattle on forever if folks are dumb enough to let me. I just can’t help it. But that’s part of who I am. I just love telling people stories.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the type of life where I’ve got a whole brain full of stories; stories about my misadventures, about my family, my friends, and even about my fairly common – sometimes colossal failures. It’s all good.

I’ve constantly got one writing project, or more likely two, in the works at any given time. And here’s where I like to talk about them.

Thanks to writing, I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many great people and be involved with so many countless projects –  that I just can’t help but share them all with people.

So here’s where you can find out what’s currently down the pipeline and what I’m discovering along each new journey. So, pull up a chair. I hope you find it informative and entertaining. Maybe, I can even make you smile.

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Currently Writing 

Outlandish Accounts of the Oskaloosa Oddities Society – The Scarecrow Cipher—Coming Fall of 2017

To say Wic Coldon was a little odd would be a bit of an understatement. He’d always been a different type of kid. A bit of a loner, a bit unusual, a young man just didn’t fit into the typical mold.

Not to imply  that he wasn’t happy, he was just different.Oskaloosa Oddities Society

But life can sometimes throw you a curve when you’re not expecting it.  When a sudden dust storm causes the car his father was driving to crash into a ravine, a wreck that takes the life of his mother, and seriously cripples his little sister, Wic is shattered. The accident, coupled with the loss of their farm to the Great Dust Bowl, Wic’s father has no choice but to leave he and his little sister, Pip with his grandparents in the quiet little Northeast Kansas town of Oskaloosa. Grandparent’s that Wic hardly knows.

To make matters worse, since the accident, Wic has started to have some of the strangest dreams imaginable; dreams about strangers, people he’s never met, dreams about places he has never seen, dreams about events that have never happened – or at least not yet.

Described as The X-Men meets Indians Jones – The Outlandish Accounts of the Oskaloosa Oddities Society is about fitting in and about finding family – A family that may not be what you  imagined it would be.  Come share the adventures of Wic and his lovable band of oddball outcasts. Check out first book of the series The Scarecrow Cipher.

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Status: Editing and Revision stage


Just Finish One Damn Thing – Reaching Your Goals When You Have A Short Attention Span —Coming 2017Just Finish One Damn Thing Cover

I’m an EXCELLENT starter. I’ve started training to bike across Kansas. I’ve started learning Spanish. I’ve started building my own guitars. Hell, I’ve even started building my very own catapult. I’m an EXCELLENT starter.


All around you see the scattered pieces of unfinished project after unfinished project; discarded shards of ideas and unrealized dreams. It all came to a head when, after tripping over some scattered boards from another abandoned project, that my father yelled at me, “Why can’t you ever just finish one Damn thing? ”

My father was right. Brutal, but right.  Over the years of continuing to follow this same pattern, I had become quite good at –not finishing. My workshop had become very congested AND all the abandoned projects had become very expensive – and I had to do something about it.

Just Finish One Damn Thing is about my journey to break the cycle of bad habits I had created over the years and to learn ways to start AND FINISH all those things I’d always dreamed of doing.

Life is too short and time to precious. This book is about my journey into creating a new pattern – a pattern of finishing things I’d started.

Genre: Self-Help/Memoir

Status: Final Revisions and Pre-Publishing stage